Dear colleague, reader, professional in the HR area ,

those that follow are few and simple rules to observe to publish articles on the site of “Psychologists in the Company”. The sharing of these guidelines will allow us to have a greater communicative effectiveness in the face of uniformity of style.

Each article before publication will be validated by the Editorial Board of Psychologists in the Company. The latter will verify that the contents are taken care of, affixing possible corrections to possible misprints, and will provide for the layout of the article on the site.

                                                                        EDITORIAL RULES                                                                           

TITLE : must contain a maximum of 50 characters. It will have to be linked to the content of the article and constructed with simple terms. As captivating as possible and formulated if necessary also in a questioning way. In addition to the title there will also be a subtitle: a phrase that summarizes or summarizes the text in the text.

BODY OF ARTICLE : should be composed of approximately 8-9000 bars (about two and a half and three pages of word). You can use the bold to give more emphasis to some important steps considered, but trying not to exceed to not weigh the reading of the entire article.

FONT : each article must be published with the font (font) word called “calibri” with dimension “11”, black.

IMAGES : each article may contain a maximum of four images: one of “ showcase” and possibly three of “support for the text”. The image of the window will be the one that will appear on the home page next to the title. The images must be relevant to the content of the article. Each author can freely choose the images himself, or delegate the choice to the Editorial Staff.

All the articles must be sent to

The editorial staff will provide the graphic layout of the article, and a possible correction of the draft before publication online on the site. For any changes, the author will be involved for final validation before publication.

The Editorial Staff